Total Chinuch for the Whole Child

The Middle School division at TA

Encompassing sixth through eighth grades, guides the transformation of boys to young men. The curriculum and programs are designed to enhance personal growth and preparation for yeshiva high school. The middle school motto is “Simchas Hachaim, Simchas HaTorah – Learning to Live, Living to Learn”. This approach to chinuch encompasses the whole child, and seeks to ensure that every student’s needs are attended to on an individual basis.

Students develop a strong love for Torah learning and living

a healthy sense of confidence, and a well­-rounded general studies education that paves the way for future studies. As each boy becomes a confident and mature young adult, he internalizes the core values of right and wrong and the ability to make a difference in his own life and his community.

In limudei kodesh, the students are taught by dynamic, caring and articulate rebbeim whose main objective is to pass on our mesorah to their talmidim with love and simchas hachaim. A tremendous emphasis is placed on skill building, and preparing the young men for learning in mesivta.

The general studies program is rigorous and focused, and provides our students with the tools they need to be successful in English, math, science and social studies. TA’s expanded programs include a STEM curriculum, honors-level courses, geography bees, science fair and two mobile computer labs to provide students with a well-rounded and comprehensive education as they prepare for high school.

In addition to all of the educational offerings

Extra-curricular activities, including a personal history project, intramural basketball, trips, and yearbook production, help maturing students to explore their individual talents and strengths. 

Team-­building activities and a middos-based bein adam lechavero program help advance interpersonal skills. The Middle School Lamdeinu Learning Center offers extra academic support for students who may need assistance, along with a special education classroom. And a full-time mashgiach/social worker is available for private consultations.

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