Cultivating Success in Every Child.

LAMDEINU exists for kids like Chaim. 

Chaim is a 10-year-old who is bright and sensitive. He loves chumash and science experiments.  But Chaim is struggling in the classroom. 

He can’t read quickly, and he’s starting to believe that he’s not as smart as his classmates. He is frustrated and beginning to misbehave.  He wants to succeed but he doesn’t know how. 

Sometimes, he just needs the Rebbi or teacher to explain a new concept one more time. And sometimes, that extra explanation doesn’t happen.  The bell rings.  Another student asks a question first. Or Chaim gets too embarrassed to raise his hand. 

For students like Chaim, school is hard. And now, he’s expected to keep up in Gemara shiur. It’s only going to get harder.  Chaim is calling out for help.  How do we answer his cries?  

Lamdeinu @ TA.

LAMDEINU’s services provide special education services to students in our Learning Centers and self-contained classrooms, reading and Kriah support with specialists and tutors, and collaboration with outside educational support services, including Shemesh, to ensure the success of every talmid.  Almost 30 employees are supporting hundreds of students with LAMDEINU.

Partnerships with Shemesh and the State of Maryland

Self-contained Special Education Classrooms

Services include: