You Make a Difference

Your support of Talmudical Academy enables TA’s young men to graduate not only as better students, but as better people. TA has produced true leaders in the yeshiva and secular world – leaders who take responsibility and make a difference. Your investment in TA is an investment in a better tomorrow. Please consider making a gift to Talmudical Academy in one of the following ways:

Cash Gifts

Make your check payable to Talmudical Academy or click here to donate online. Checks can be mailed to:

Talmudical Academy of Baltimore
4445 Old Court Road
Baltimore, MD 21208

Corporate and Matching Gifts

Many companies match charitable contributions, sometimes making your gift to Talmudical Academy double or triple its value! To find out if your employer has a matching gifts program, please click the above link and search for your company or speak to your employer’s Human Resources Department.

Memorial Gifts

For those that are unable to say Kaddish for a family member, Talmudical Academy will recite the prayers on their behalf in our synagogue for the year of mourning. Relatives will also be notified each year in advance of the yahrzeit and will receive notices of the appropriate yizkor times during the year. To set up a Kaddish and Yartzeit gift for a loved one, please click here or call (410) 484-6600 ext 314.

Dedicate a Day of Learning

Consider sponsoring a Day of Learning as an appropriate and fitting tribute in honor of, or in memory of, a loved one; a merit for a refuah sheleima– a complete and speedy recovery; or even to commemorate a special occasion or birthday. On the day you reserve, announcements will be made in each classroom specifically mentioning your dedication. To dedicate a Day of Learning at Talmudical Academy, please click here or contact Rabbi Yaakov Lefkovitz at (410) 484-6600 ext 317, or by email at

Investment Donations

The transfer of appreciated assets, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds allows donors to support Talmudical Academy while reducing exposure to capital gains taxes. Donors are also able to claim immediate income tax deductions for these gifts. To discuss any of these options, please contact Rabbi Yehuda Lefkovitz at (410) 484-6600 ext 305, or by email at

Car Donations

Turn your car, truck, boat, or RV into a tax-deductible gift to Talmudical Academy. Pickup is fast and free, and we take care of all of the paperwork. Proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will help TA’s students become tomorrow’s leaders. To find out how easy it is to donate your car to Talmudical Academy, please click here or contact Rabbi Yehuda Zelinger at (410) 484-6600 ext 7320, or by email at


Providing for the vibrant future of Jewish education is one of the most important actions we can take as concerned, committed Jews. Talmudical Academy’s endowment fund, founded in conjunction with the Russel Family Generations Day School Endowment Project, allows donors to make an enduring endowment to benefit Talmudical Academy. Your legacy gift will last forever because endowments are permanent. There are a number of ways, each with its own tax and philanthropic benefits, that you can plan your legacy through an endowment donation. And, because you are planning for the future, it does not have to cost anything today. To discuss endowment opportunities, please contact Rabbi Yehuda Lefkovitz at (410) 484-6600 ext 305, or by email at

Charitable Bequests

Gifts made through wills, trusts or estate plans both reduce donors’ taxable estates and create lasting legacies. These types of gifts can be used to fund endowment funds, operating and capital expenses, and special projects. To discuss making a charitable bequest to Talmudical Academy, please contact Rabbi Yehuda Lefkovitz at (410) 484-6600 ext 305, or by email at

Life Insurance

Life insurance gifts are particularly appealing to younger donors. Donors may name Talmudical Academy as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Premiums on such policies are tax deductible. To discuss making a life insurance gift to Talmudical Academy, please contact Rabbi Yehuda Lefkovitz at (410) 484-6600 ext 305, or by email at

IRA/Retirement Plans

IRA and retirement plans can be subject to high estate taxes. When planning your legacy for our yeshiva, consider using these assets first. To find out how simple it is to include Talmudical Academy in your legacy planning, please click here or contact Rabbi Yehudah Zelinger at (410) 484-6600 ext 7315, or by email at

Charitable Gift Annuity or Remainder Trust

By naming Talmudical Academy as the beneficiary of an annuity or remainder trust, donors help to assure TA’s long-term financial security while securing for themselves annual income for life, eligibility for immediate income tax deductions, and possible reductions in exposure to capital gains taxes. To discuss charitable gift annuities or remainder trusts, please contact Rabbi Yehuda Lefkovitz at (410) 484-6600 ext 305, or by email at