A Legacy of Growth. A Love of Learning.

With Heart and Soul

TA students strive to make the world a better place. Every teacher is an embodiment of their lesson, planting true chinuch in the hearts and souls of each student.

Warmth, love, enthusiasm and passion are only some of the adjectives that describe Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim – Talmudical Academy’s rebbeim and teachers. The result is students who learn by example and an education that truly sets TA apart.

Individualized Attention

TA’s educational philosophy is to do what is best for each child. This means that every child can find his niche, can be nurtured and loved. TA’s rebbeim and teachers believe in every child, and help each student to grow at his own pace, to recognize his strengths and weaknesses, and aim to excel. The classrooms are designed to provide each student with the optimum environment to reach his fullest potential. Rebbeim and teachers at TA involve, support, and challenge each boy to develop his skills, grow in his knowledge, and become a true ben Torah. We take great pride in the variety of learning tools used to elevate the curriculum and tailor the education to the individual student.

A Legacy of Growth

TA’s chinuch approach has a one hundred year track record for success. Since 1917, TA has served as a cornerstone of Baltimore’s Torah community.

With a strong commitment to the highest standards of learning, and an emphasis on the individual needs of every student, TA has produced talmidim, and by extension, families of Torah-true members of the Baltimore community and beyond. TA’s environment of spiritual growth produces Torah scholars, lay leaders, and baalei batim who go on to become productive and instrumental members of the community.

Love of Learning

Through TA’s stimulating and inspiring program, each child is imbued with a love of learning and a passion for Yiddishkeit.

TA provides a program that assists each student in achieving his highest potential as he strives for excellence in limudei kodesh and general studies. By emphasizing the “whole student,” TA develops the general character of every talmid as they prepare for life.

Devoted Faculty

TA’s rebbeim and teachers are among the elite educators of the Baltimore community. TA’s dedicated faculty go beyond the call of duty for the chinuch and well-being of the children in their care.

Whether it’s the teachers who daven for each student by name every morning, or the rebbeim who make sure to give every student an erev shabbos bracha, or the moros who visit a sick child who missed school that day, each child knows that they are loved and cherished. Reaching every student at his level is their ultimate goal, and TA teachers are well known in the community for going the extra mile to meet each student’s needs.

Cutting Edge Methods

TA provides a seamless integration of contemporary educational research with Torah values. State of the art equipment and technologies are used both in the mainstream classroom and in learning labs catered to students with learning differences.

Smartboards, projectors, and specialized audio-visual equipment integrate with traditional charts and methods, bringing lessons to life. This inclusion of technology ultimately allows TA’s mechanchim to engage in the latest teaching methods.

Most of TA’s classrooms are equipped with state of the art computers and projectors to enhance the learning experience. These tools allow rebbeim and teachers to produce dynamic and interactive lessons with the use of PowerPoint presentations, multimedia, and Mimeo technology.

In many classrooms, technology is used to provide students with the means to work at their own pace and integrate the lessons through center-based learning. Differentiated instruction is enhanced through specialized computer programs, giving TA’s teachers a highly efficient manner of assessing student progress and understanding.