Total Chinuch for the Whole Child


Early Childhood Division

The highly successful Early Childhood Program at TA focuses on every area of child development. From physical development to social and emotional skills, our expert teachers focus on the growth and progress of the whole child. Our preschoolers are prepared for school with a comprehensive reading curriculum for both English and Hebrew, which is supported by resource room specialists and individual evaluations as needed.

Elementary School Division

The focus at TA’s Elementary School is on teaching each child according to his way, chanoch l’naar al pi darko. The Rebbeim and teachers excel at bringing out the positive in each student, with a strong emphasis on simchas hachayim and middos tovos. In addition, our staff is trained in various teaching modalities in order to reach every student

Middle School Division

The emphasis at TA’s middle school is on enhanced personal growth and preparation for yeshiva high school. The students learn to appreciate Limud Hatorah, as they become confident and mature young adults. Our curriculum stresses the importance of communal and personal responsibility, with an atmosphere of joyful growth.

Mesivta Division

The High School at TA prepares talmidim for roles as future leaders, Rebbeim or professionals, all with an increased effort in Torah and Avodas Hashem. The close bond between Rebbe and talmid promotes individual growth, with a kesher that lasts well beyond the high school years. The high school’s well rounded curriculum builds on the strength of each individual student, with many supplementary and extra-curricular programs to further enhance their development.


In the summer months, when boys are on vacation, hundreds of boys from around the world – from places as far as Israel, Switzerland, Canada, as well as many different states – flock to Camp Chofetz Chaim, our world-renowned camping program. Both our Elementary Division and our C.I.T. division are staffed by professional rabbeim, providing a top-notch learning and davening program.


TA is proud to partner with Shemesh to provide special education at TA. The TA Shemesh program provides two full-time, and three part-time Special Education Teachers, along with one Instructional Assistant, who service dozens of TA students on a daily basis. Additionally, Shemesh support staff includes an Instructional Coach, Executive Functioning Coach, an Early Childhood Special Education Consultant, and a Reading Specialist.