Total Chinuch for the Whole Child

1. Inquire

Complete the Inquiry Form or call the Admissions Office at 410-484-6600 x7355.

2. Parent Tour

Parent tours of TA are available by appointment, and are required for new parents. If you are a current TA parent, please choose to schedule a tour when completing the inquiry form.

3. Application

Our online application form will be emailed to you. Submit the application which includes:

4. Record Collection

Following submission of an online application, our admissions office will reach out to the current school for applicant’s academic records, teacher recommendation form and any other relevant documentation.

5. Student Testing

Student’s application and submitted records will be reviewed and a date for academic testing will be scheduled. Testing is conducted to ensure applicant’s skill level is commensurate with the grade he is applying for.

6.Principal Meeting

A meeting with the applicant’s parents and the principals will be scheduled to discuss application and testing results.

7. Review and Follow Up

Student’s application and testing results will be reviewed and a determination regarding his acceptance will be made. Parents will receive follow-up communication within 3 weeks after the principals meeting.