Total Chinuch for the Whole Child

The Elementary Division at TA

encompassing first through fifth grades, continues to build each child’s skills and self-confidence. The goal of the Elementary school program is to combine rigorous skill-building in both Torah and secular studies with social growth and development.

Students go beyond taking in information- they learn how to learn.

Rebbeim and teachers strive to bring out the best in each boy, with a strong emphasis on simchas hachaim and middos tovos. The rebbeim focus on kriah, translation and havana, and accumulating basic knowledge, while simultaneously teaching how to ask questions and methodically seek out answers.

Students begin learning chumash in 1st grade, mishnayos in 3rd grade, and gemara in 5th grade. There is a comprehensive kriah program for all grades, with staff to work individually with every student, reinforcing well-developed kriah skills.

The general studies department combines interactive learning with strong skill building.

 The teachers lead an exciting and engaging curriculum, with access to individualized enrichment materials. Students learn about current events and complete research projects. TA’s general studies curriculum is aligned and in compliance with Maryland State standards and is designed to make sure that your son will have the skills necessary for success in life. Throughout elementary school, your son will have consistent opportunities to demonstrate his knowledge and that his skills are developing at an appropriate pace.

In addition to all of the educational offerings the Elementary School has to offer, there are many extra-curricular activities including field trips, mesibas, visits by gedolim, fairs and more. Thursday night learning sessions for 2nd – 5th grade encourage additional learning with fun contests and prizes.

 Our STAR program rewards students for displaying positivity and good middos throughout the day. Multiple STAR events take place throughout the year and allow boys to cash in their rewards. TA’s Chemdas Program guides students in reviewing existing knowledge and learning additional bekius, earning a grand trip at the end of the year.

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