TA's Solar technology

Talmudical Academy of Baltimore announces a generous award grant by the Lockhart Vaughan Foundation to fund the installation and use of a solar power system on the roof of our High School building. We also thank the Mandel Foundation and HESP Solar for helping to fund an identical system on the roof of our Preschool Building. TA is honored to have these partners in this endeavor. This investment in solar technology will allow TA to use environmentally friendly energy through renewable energy sources. This new solar energy system will reap benefits for the school for several decades. By using this new energy source at TA, the school will help bring awareness of the need to make use of renewable energy and the issue of environmental conservation to the school community. The location of the solar power system is visible from the center of the campus, reminding both students and staff about the school’s investment in green initiatives every time they pass through this central space. TA’s main lobby screens and website will display energy kilowatt savings in real-time and present other facts about renewable energy. The solar power system will be part of an effort to raise awareness among students, parents, and the wider community about the importance of making good decisions about our energy consumption and the environment. Components of our approach include incorporating lessons about the environment into our curriculum and school assemblies and communicating via our school website and newsletter about the new solar power system. TA is also a member of the Green Schools Alliance and plans to remain a member in good standing and explore ways to conserve the environment in our day-to-day practices. Please click on the links below to see the environmental benefits.