FACTS enrollment

To fulfill tuition obligations each family signs up with FACTS, a tuition management company which many of our local schools use. FACTS automatically deducts the monthly tuition payments from your bank account. You may opt not to participate in FACTS by paying tuition in full by August preceding the school year.

A helpful FACTS information and FAQ sheet can be found here

You may sign up for FACTS online by clicking here.

When creating your FACTS account for the first time, please be sure to include your Family ID, which is located on the top of your tuition statement.

Discounted FACTS fee for multiple schools:

Tuition payments will be made utilizing the FACTS Tuition Management Program. FACTS will continue to provide the discounted annual fee to families using the monthly option for the second and subsequent schools in which their children are enrolled. 

For example, if a family was using FACTS to pay for children in Talmudical Academy, Bais Yaakov, and Bais Medrash and Mesivta, they would be charged annually $86 ($43+$21.50+$21.50) instead of $129 ($43+$43+$43). It is recommended to contact FACTS once you receive your confirmation letter, before the fee is processed, to have it discounted. 

If you do not contact FACTS until after the fee has been processed, the discount will be provided in the form of a refund check which will take up to 2 weeks to be processed.

If you have any questions regarding the FACTS program, please call Mrs. Rochel Mandel at 410-484-6600 x7302 or email rmandel@talmudicalacademy.org