TA’s parent volunteers do so much for our students and teachers. At the helm of this effort is the amazing TA PTA, led by Mrs. Shira Berlin & Mrs. Chana Siff.

The TA-PTA is a volunteer organization whose mission is the enhancement of our students’ educational experience. We run several events throughout the year that are both enjoyable and uplifting, which helps create an environment of achdus for our boys and their families.

Your PTA dues pay for: School Directory, teacher luncheons for back to school meeting days, first day of school muffins and coffee for teachers, parent refreshments for back to school night, curricular and enrichment funding, student incentives (prizes), back to school festivities for students, Mishmar chips, Rosh Chodesh treats for teachers, school-wide TA staff Chanuka gifts, gifts for teacher appreciation week, Pesach Concert, subsidizing school trips, Lag Baomer show for students, contribution to school’s annual budget, end of year celebrations for students.

Join the PTA!

Would you like to help the PTA bring exciting activities to your child in TA? Here’s how you can help:

Volunteer! The PTA is always looking for positive, creative and motivated volunteers. Become an active part of your child’s school experience by volunteering to help out, at your convenience!

Become a Member of the PTA. Become a member of the TA-PTA, and you’ll be helping to fund the great programs you see above!

Donate While You Shop. Earn money for the TA-PTA every time you shop! We’ll share some secret tips you can use so that popular stores – like Target, Giant, and Safeway – will actually donate money to the PTA.

Contact Us. For more information, contact Shira Berlin & Chana Siff, PTA Co-Presidents, at pta@talmudicalacademy.org.