Total Chinuch for the Whole Child

The Mesivta of TA is a warm and supportive makom Torah which focuses on the individuality of every talmid. The yeshiva follows on the long, rich mesora of harbotzas Torah spanning over a century. The devoted rebbeim and teachers of our mesivta not only take the time to prepare and develop stimulating shiurim and classes, but are committed to bringing out the unique qualities of each student so that he can realize and reach his potential.

Each student enjoys a rich, intensive, carefully developed and challenging curriculum in both limudei kodesh and limudei chol.

With guidance from the rebbeim and teachers, students are encouraged and motivated to excel in all areas of study. The mesivta’s well-rounded dual curriculum builds on the strengths of each individual student, with many supplementary and extra-curricular programs to further enhance growth and development.

In addition to the basic shiurim and sedarim, bochurim may take part in TA’s night kollel, late night seder or nightly chuburas, where talmidim learn one on one with a rebbe, chavrusa style, or in a small group setting. Most of the talmidim choose to complete a mesechta during the course of the year, and participate in a year-end gala siyum celebration.

The high school’s rigorous general studies curriculum is challenging and engaging, in line with TA’s mission to prepare students for their future. In addition to the core state high school curriculum in general studies, students can embrace many other learning opportunities including AP courses in American and world history, personal finance and cyber-security, Microsoft certification, college accredited courses for seniors, and SAT review courses for 11th and 12th graders.

Talmidim thrive in the mesivta’s student-centered environment

Bochurim have many opportunities to bond and form an everlasting kesher with other students, rebbeim and teachers, both in and out of the classroom. Programs include special shabbosim, yomim tovim, onegs and melava malkas with peers and faculty members. The mesivta boys also participate in TA’s extracurricular activities, including a plethora of chesed activities, the intramural basketball program and Friday afternoon football games.

TA alumni represent a wide spectrum of the Jewish community, in Baltimore and across the globe.

They are roshei yeshivos, rabbonim, rebbeim, entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders. TA graduates proudly take their place in klal yisrael, serving as leaders, ambassadors and advocates for klal yisrael. Through the mesivta’s carefully developed limudei kodesh and limudei chol programs, TA talmidim are given the tools to be well prepared for their roles as future leaders of klal yisrael, all with an increased love of our rich mesorah in Torah and avodas Hashem.

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