To request a carpool posting, please email


Join/Form a Carpool: Early Childhood Only

  • Looking for preschool carpool 2020/21. To split or pay. Darchei/suburban neighborhood. Contact Miri Friedman 4434148028
  • Looking to join or form a small carpool for 2020-2021 for two boys who will be three and five. Ideally looking for one or two families who can do afternoons. We could do every morning but are open to a different arrangement as well. We live in the cheswolde area. Please call or text me at 301-741-6077.
  • Looking to join AM and PM carpool for one Kindergarten boy, Cross Country area. Contact 410-764-0404
  • Looking to form/join small preschool carpool. Willow Glen near Pimlico. Call/text Dani at 443 324 4998
  • Looking to join preschool carpool for next year in Wellwood/Indian Village.  Or  some sort of switch for my 2 Bais Yaakov girls.  Bais Yaakov is PM only while ideally TA is both ways but can also be PM only as well as I work in TA in the morning.  Please call Batya 410-484-2576
  • Looking to join preschool carpool for next year in 7 Mile/Smith area. Please call/text Inga 443-854-9005
  • Looking to join preschool carpool for next year in 7 Mile area. Please call/text Leah at 410-963-0803
  • Looking for a ride for pay for round trip for my son who will be in preschool next year. Alternatively, looking to join  a Ranchleigh/Beazer preschool carpool for next year. Please call/ text Daniellah at 240-535-5796

Join/Form a Carpool: Early Elementary PM Dismissal

  • Looking to join or form mixed preschool/elementary early dismissal carpool for 2020-2021 in Ranchleigh area. (443) 986-3882
  • Looking for more people for an elementary carpool including the possibility of just carpooling part of the time. We’re in Indian Village. Please contact
  • Looking to form/join 5 boy carpool 1st-3rd only. Have space for 3 more. Contact Esther Ehrman – or 404-433-2566
  • One spot open in early dismissal carpool, Pickwick houses area. Call 410-358-4718 if interested.
  • Looking to form/join carpool in the ranchleigh/beazer/smith area for my 1st grader.  Hindy Danziger 410-989-1511
  • Looking to form/join carpool in the Cross Country area for Elementary early dismissal.  Contact Miriam Goldberger 443-764-9317
  • Looking to join an early dismissal Elementary carpool for next year. We live in Park Heights area near Agudah, by Pinkney and Gist. 4109088471
  • Looking to fill 2 spots in an early dismissal Elementary carpool. Indian Village/Smith Ave area. Contact

Join/Form a Carpool: Late Elementary PM Dismissal

  • Looking for another family to join our late dismissal carpool in the Summit Park/Indian Village area (preference to someone who can drive in the afternoons). Please contact Shira at 301-520-9893
  • We have 4 boys for late dismissal afternoon only carpool for next year, and we are looking for a fifth.  We live near the Shoppers Shopping Center, but are willing to consider other areas for the afternoon.  Please call or text Yael at 443-986-8716
  • Looking to join a 4th/5th grade carpool in Greenspring/Pickwick area.  Please call or text 443-845-5531.  Thank you
  • Looking to form/join carpool in the Ranchleigh/Beazer/Smith for my 5th grader- 4:30 pm. Hindy Danziger 410-989-1511
  • Seeking carpool or ride for pay round trip for 5th grader late pm dismissal. Located in Beazer. Please contact Jennifer Rosenbloom 410-977-9916.
  • Looking for a 4:30 carpool (Ranchleigh area) for 2019-20 for my son who will be in 5th grade. Call/text Mira Greenberg at 240-476-8184
  • Looking to join/form a 4:30 carpool in the Ranchleigh/Beazer area. Call or text Deenie Noff: 248-935-4377
  • Looking to join a 5th grade carpool in the 7-mile area. Please call or text Moshe at (443) 386-8087.

Join/Form a Carpool: Sunday & Mishmar

  • Seeking Sunday/mishmar carpool for my elementary school age son in the Taney/Cross Country area. We have one other person who might be interested in joining. We are able to drive on Thursdays only.   Please contact 667-930-3378
  • Looking to join Sunday/Mishmar carpool for my two boys.  Cross country/Taney area.  Please call 410-358-5188.
  • Looking for a ride for pay for my second grader both ways or at least one way for mishmar/Sunday. Cheswolde road. Please contact 3474523393
  • Looking for 1 more boy in Ranchleigh to join a Sunday/Mishmar carpool, preference to someone who can drive Mishmar (Thursdays). Contact 347-564-2915

Rides for Pay:

-Seeking a driver for the 4:30 carpool slot for pay for 2020-2021. There is the option to bring home an entire carpool in one neighborhood, not just one boy. Indian Village/Greenspring area, 1-3 boys. Please contact 718-510-6431.

-Looking for a ride home for pay for my first grader next year, Cheswolde area. Please text/call Esti Robinson 4049102545.

-Looking for a ride for pay AM only, for one 1st grader, Park Heights/Fords Lane area, Contact 410-764-5656 or 443-248-7675

-Ride for pay available for late PM dismissal, Call Mrs. Teichman 818-571-9281

-Looking for a ride for pay AM and PM for a Kindergarten boy, Indian Village area. Contact Yehudis 201-757-8092

-Looking for a ride for pay for one 5th grader, either both ways or PM only, Park Heights/Fords Lane area, contact 646-330-2830

-Looking for PM ride home for 1 Kindergarten boy to Indian Village. Contact 781-307-6885

-Looking for paid ride home for well behaved 3rd grader to Heather Ridge. Contact Michal Millrod (646)831-7770 or

-Looking to possibly pay a teacher or rebbe to bring home my 5th grader a few times a week. We live on midfield, off of old court. Please contact me Dahlya Goldfeiz 410-905-1721.

-Seeking AM and PM ride for one Kindergarten boy, Cross Country area. Contact 410-764-0404

-Seeking a paid PM ride for a 5th Grader. Contact Mrs. Weiss 410-458-4133

-Looking for a ride for pay or a carpool for nursery from Menlo for 2019-2020.  Please call or text Chanah Leah Oshinsky 215-327-2683.

-Looking to pay someone to take first grade son to and from school next year. Greenspring/Shelleydale area  Please email or text 4102414029.

-Looking to ride for pay AM and PM for my third grader. Dumbarton neighborhood- Park heights/old court/7 mile area, for 2019-20 school year. Please contact Rachel Gold (443)571-5135 or

-Looking to pay for an early dismissal carpool on Summerson Road for my son entering 3rd grade.  Please contact Sara Don at or 301-706-7561

– Looking to pay for an AM and an early dismissal carpool for my Kindergarten son in the Hatton/Seven Mile area.  Please contact Shani Wolfish at or 201-390-5868

-Seeking ride for pay mornings for nice 2nd grader.  We live in Cheswolde near W. Strathmore and Cross Country.  Please text Deena at 301-357-5909.

-2 spots available for round trip preschool only, in Ranchleigh neighborhood. Contact Sara Weberman at 443-838-0541

– Looking to pay someone for 4:30 dismissal for one boy in Ranchleigh area for the 2020-21 school year.  Please call Sara Lefkowitz at 410-241-4196

– Looking for a PM ride for pay to take my son home on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at late dismissal time. Temple Gate Rd. Contact Rivka 410-978-0460

– Looking for a paid carpool both ways for younger elementary school boy in the Indian Village area.  Please contact me via phone or text if you know of any availability at 201-757-8092


ALL 2019-2020 requests:

  • 2 families looking to form or join an afternoon only middle school carpool M-TH. PH/Fallstaff/Glen/Cross Country area. Please text 443-318-3960 for more info
  • One spot available for pay in Middle School car with staff member, AM only. Contact 410-299-5877
  • I am looking for a PM middle school carpool for my 8th grader. We live in the 7 mile area. Contact Aliza – 443-498-8191
  • Looking to join or start a 6th grade carpool in Beazer/Ranchleigh area.  Please call or text Amanda Winner (617)386-3420
  • Looking to form/join sixth grade carpool in Pickwick/Seven Mile area. Call 410-358-4718 if interested.
  • Looking for one or two more boys to join our middle school carpool (prefer 7th or 8th grader) for 2019-20 Pickwick/7mile area Please contact or text 410-963-8629
  • Looking to join/form a 6th and 7th grade carpool in the Summit Park/Greenspring area. Please call Ahava 410-656-6060.


ALL 2019-2020 requests:

-Looking for 1-2 more families to join our HS carpool. Beazer/Ranchleigh/Greenspring area. Please call 443-564-6977 or email


Summer 2019

Join/Form a Carpool

Looking to split the drive for the first session- I have room to drive 1 boy to camp, and I am looking for a ride home for my two boys.  Please call or text Yael at 443-986-8716

Looking to join CIT carpool – I have 2 boys. Taney, Cross Country Area.  Please call 443-805-7739 or email

Rides for Pay Available