To request a carpool posting, please email


Join/Form a Carpool: Early Childhood Only

  • Looking for an early dismissal carpool in Smith/Seven Mile/Northbook/Marnat area. Please contact 443-971-1383
  • Spot available in Beazer/Rancheligh Early Childhood carpool. Please text: 845-367-2100

Join/Form a Carpool: Early Elementary PM Dismissal

  • Looking to join a lower Elementary carpool for both AM & PM. Park Heights/Gist/Pinkney area.
    Please call or text Rochel: 410-908-8471
  • Looking for a short term carpool for a 1st Grader, from September 14 through the 22nd. Only pickup is needed. We live in the W  Strathmore/Park Heights/Biltmore area
    Thank you! Leah Taylor 470-432-1731

Join/Form a Carpool: Late Elementary PM Dismissal

  • Looking to join a carpool for late dismissal for one boy in the Park Heights/Agudah area. Please contact 410-949-6454
  • 4th/5th grade carpool in the Seven Mile, Dumbarton area looking for more people to join.
    Please call 443-326-3327 Dena Abramowitz

Join/Form a Carpool: Sunday & Mishmar

Rides for Pay:

  •  Looking for morning carpool for pay for my 3 year old son.  Please call or text Sorah: 848-525-2400 (corrected phone number)
  •  Looking for PM ride for pay for one preschool and one elementary boy to Yeshiva Lane, Mon-Thurs. Contact 410-484-2374
  • Looking to hire someone to drive our first grader to school and back each day.
    Sora Shapiro: 410-764-0404
  • Looking to pay for ride home for 4:30 dismissal. 2 boys. Ranchleigh area.
    Devora : 9087709880
  • Looking for Ride for pay home for two boys to Pickwick homes area- One is in Kindergarten- one is in 1st. 617.777.0677
  • Looking for an AM ride for pay for 2 boys, 1st grade and nursery, Pickwick area, to be picked up at 8:15am, contact or 443-800-4767

  • TA staff member offering ride for pay at 4:30.  A few spots left.  Hand sanitizer/masks/windows open when possible.  Please call or text 410-926-4380
  • Looking for a paid ride for 2 boys for 4:30 carpool to Beazer.  Please call Amanda Winner (617) 386-3420
  • Looking for a ride for pay for one preschool boy to Menlo area. Definitely need ride home in PM but also interested in both ways if possible. Contact Mrs. Oshinsky at 215-327-2683

  • We are looking for a ride for pay home from my incoming first grader for the 2021-2022 school year. We live in the Cheswolde area. Please call or text Laia Abberbock at 301-741-6077 or email


ALL 2019-2020 requests:

  • Looking to join/form a TA 7th grade carpool in Summit Park / Greenspring / Cheswolde area. Please text/call 410-656-6060


ALL 2019-2020 requests:


Join/Form a Carpool

Rides for Pay Available