Talmudical Academy’s Shemesh Program

TA is proud to partner with Shemesh to provide special education at TA. The TA Shemesh program, led by Mrs. Rivky Danziger, provides two full-time, and three part-time Special Education Teachers, along with one Instructional Assistant, who service dozens of TA students on a daily basis.   Additionally, Shemesh support staff includes an Instructional Coach, Executive Functioning Coach, an Early Childhood Special Education Consultant, and a Reading Specialist.

TA and Shemesh also have a self-contained classroom, servicing students in grades 1-4. Students in the self-contained class benefit from instruction tailored to their individual needs. The students have access to modified grade-level programs as well as intervention programs in Reading and Math as necessary. Students in the program are fully included in the General Education classroom for all social opportunities and are integrated for learning opportunities as it becomes appropriate. A number of students who were part of this program in previous years have already been fully integrated into mainstream classrooms.

Shemesh uses the FastForward Program, a software-based program developed to improve memory, attention, language processing and sequencing skills.

Students in Shemesh are assessed using formal and informal educational testing and a personalized learning in the general education curriculum. Special educators also work closely with classroom teachers and parents to ensure carryover into the classroom.

Hidden Sparks is another wonderful program that Shemesh has brought to TA in both our Early Childhood program and our Elementary School. Hidden Sparks uses a coaching model to help teachers learn to observe, reflect, assess, and plan for all students in their classrooms. Using multiple lenses — developmental, behavioral, temperamental, and ecological —   as well as utilizing real-life case studies, teachers develop strategies for all learners, including those who struggle academically and present challenging social-emotional issues.

TA’s Shemesh program also supports parents with a referral and identification process through the public school system and with private psychologists.