To request a carpool posting, please email


2018-2019 requests:

Join/Form a Carpool: Early PM Dismissal

-Seeking carpool for 2 boys in AM and one boy in PM. Beazer, Greenspring, Ranchleigh area. Please email

-Seeking carpool or paid driver for 2 boys for next year, in nursery and 3rd grade. We can drive home every day but seek driver or to split with someone who can drive mornings. Overbrook Road btwn Park Heights/Seven Mile. Please email

-One spot available in our Early PM dismissal carpool. Pickwick/Marnat area. Please call 252 673 8608

-Looking to add 2 boys or join or form elementary carpool (not Early Childhood) in Pickwick/Greenspring/Marnat area. Please call 443-540-2849

-Looking for 1 boy to complete our early dismissal carpool, Park Heights/Cross Country area, call 410-358-5188

-Looking to pay someone to take my Pre-1a age son to and from school next year, Greenspring area, contact or text 4102414029

-Looking for a carpool for pay for a 1st and 2nd grader. Need both ways. Greenspring/Ranchleigh area. Please let me know if you have room for one or both boys! Contact 443-468-4876

Join/Form a Carpool: Late PM Dismissal

-Looking for 1-2 more boys to join late PM dismissal carpool Pickwick/Seven Mile/Greenspring area. Please call 9177532909

-Looking for one more boy to join our carpool in the upper Fallstaff/Labyrinth area for the 2018/2019 school year. Please call 410-585-0340.

-Seeking ride home for 4th grader for 2018/19 for pay to Fords Lane.  Please call/text 646-330-2830.

-Looking for a carpool to join or form in the Park Heights/Pinkney/Gist area. Please call 410-908-8471

-Looking to join a PM carpool only, for 2 boys, Park Heights/Cross Country area, call 410-358-5188

– Looking for two more boys from the Indian Village area to join our LATE DISMISSAL carpool! Please text 845-709-0670 if interested.

– Looking for a ride home for a 5th grader Mon – Thurs at LATE DISMISSAL. Willing to pay for ride. Please call or text: 215-327-2683.-

– Two families (so far) in the Ranchleigh vicinity are looking to add some more boys to join our carpool with LATE dismissal for next year!  If you have a son who needs LATE dismissal for next year and are looking for a new carpool, please call or text 410-808-1801 so we can discuss!  Ranchleigh,  Meadowood, Willowglen, Farringdon area, off Smith Ave, even Indian village, etc. are all convenient/close by – let’s make a carpool ”shidduch!”

Rides for Pay:

-Looking for someone to drive home my 3 year old son for pay. I can pick up from your house or you can drop at my house after 4:10. I also have a spot home from BY if you would want to swap. Text or call 6462630093

-Looking for an AM ride for 1 Kindergarten age boy, Pickwick area. Contact or 410-924-0918

-Looking to pay someone to drive my 3rd grade son home next year. Park Heights/Pinkney area. 718-450-1385

-Looking to pay someone to drive my 4th grader to school next year (just mornings) – Pickwick housing area. Call or text 4438542173.

-Looking for a ride for pay, early PM dismissal, for one 3rd grade boy. Seven Mile/Park Heights area. Please contact 3143467414 or

-Seeking ride for pay for one 2nd grader.  Westbrook Rd.  Email or call/text 410-409-6285

-Looking to pay someone to drive one pre-1A boy home next year. Indian Village area. Contact 917-553-9047.

-In search of ride for pay for a 3rd grader, round trip or PM only to the 7 Mile Lane area. Text/call 703-772-9356 or

-Looking for a ride home for pay for 2018-2019 for 2 boys: Pre1a and 2nd grader. Menlo and Park Heights. Please call or text 443-660-6712.

-Seeking ride home for preschooler for pay – Greenspring/Shelleydale area. Please text/call 410-935-6287.

-Seeking ride home for 5th grader for 2018/19 for pay.  Please call 410-970-3894.


ALL 2018-2019 requests:

  • Looking for a MS carpool in the Park Heights area for 1 boy. Please email or call 410-764-2377
  • Looking for more boys to join existing 8th grade Taney/Cross Country carpool.  Please call 443-805-7739
  • Seeking ride home for 7th grader for 2018/19 for pay.   Please call 410-970-3894


ALL 2018-2019 requests:

-Three boys looking to join HS carpool – Taney/Strathmore Area, please call: 443-805-7739.


Join/Form a Carpool

  • Looking to pay someone to take my son to and from TA camp second half. 718-450-1385
  • Looking to join a CIT carpool, I have 2 boys, Taney area. Please call 443-805-7739

Rides for Pay Available