To request a carpool posting, please email


2018-2019 requests:

Join/Form a Carpool: Early Childhood Only

-Looking for a carpool for 1 preschool boy, Labyrinth/Fallstaff, contact 443-608-0862

-Looking to join preschool carpool, AM/PM, Cheswolde area, 1 boy, Contact 443-564-1590

-Looking for 2 more Preschool boys to join Preschool-only carpool.  Cross country/Strathmore/Cheswolde area. 443 857 9229


Join/Form a Carpool: Early Elementary PM Dismissal

-Looking for 1 boy to join an existing carpool for both AM/PM to the Park Heights/Cross Country/Glen area. Please call 410-358-5188

-Looking for 3 boys to join a Beazer carpool or for an existing carpool in Beazer/Ranchleigh that has room for 2 boys. Please email

-Seeking carpool AM and PM from Greenspring/Smith Ave area for a 1st grader. Call or text Shira at 610-772-3828.

-Seeking carpool for 3rd grader in Upper Park Heights/Fallstaff area.  Please call 718-986-9954

-Looking for someone to drive all PM trips for 2 boys, Menlo/Park Heights, I can drive all AM. Contact 443-660-6712 or

-Seeking carpool for 2 boys in AM and one boy in PM. Beazer, Greenspring, Ranchleigh area. Please email

-One spot available in our Early PM dismissal carpool. Pickwick/Marnat area. Please call 252 673 8608

-Looking to add 2 boys or join or form elementary carpool (not Early Childhood) in Pickwick/Greenspring/Marnat area. Please call 443-540-2849

-Looking to pay someone to take my Pre-1a age son to and from school next year, Greenspring area, contact or text 4102414029

-Looking for a carpool for pay for a 1st and 2nd grader. Need both ways. Greenspring/Ranchleigh area. Please let me know if you have room for one or both boys! Contact 443-468-4876


Join/Form a Carpool: Late Elementary PM Dismissal

-Looking to add 2 more boys to an existing PM carpool, Park Heights/Cross Country/Glen area, call 410-358-5188

-Looking for 1-2 more boys to join late PM dismissal carpool Pickwick/Seven Mile/Greenspring area. Please call 9177532909

-Looking for one more boy to join our carpool in the upper Fallstaff/Labyrinth area for the 2018/2019 school year. Please call 410-585-0340.

-Seeking ride home for 4th grader for 2018/19 for pay to Fords Lane.  Please call/text 646-330-2830.

-Looking for a carpool to join or form in the Park Heights/Pinkney/Gist area. Please call 410-908-8471

– Looking for two more boys from the Indian Village area to join our LATE DISMISSAL carpool! Please text 845-709-0670 if interested.

– Looking for a ride home for a 5th grader Mon – Thurs at LATE DISMISSAL. Willing to pay for ride. Please call or text: 215-327-2683.-

– Two families (so far) in the Ranchleigh vicinity are looking to add some more boys to join our carpool with LATE dismissal for next year!  If you have a son who needs LATE dismissal for next year and are looking for a new carpool, please call or text 410-808-1801 so we can discuss!  Ranchleigh,  Meadowood, Willowglen, Farringdon area, off Smith Ave, even Indian village, etc. are all convenient/close by – let’s make a carpool ”shidduch!”


Join/Form a Carpool: Mishmar

-Seeking one spot in a Mishmar carpool in Park Heights/Fallstaff area, willing to carpool with other neighborhoods. Contact 718-986-9954 or


Rides for Pay:

-Looking for AM ride for pay to TA Elementary for 1st grader,  We live off of W. Strathmore, between Cross Country & Taney.  Please call or text 301-357-5909 or email

-Offering ride for pay for AM only for 1-2 elementary school boys.  Please call Rochela 718-986-9954.

-Looking for an AM only ride for pay for a 4th grader starting after Sukkos. Lightfoot/Smith. Call or text Malkie Rosenbloom at 248-752-2690

-Looking for a ride for pay for PM for 1 nursery age boy, Timberfield Lane, Please contact Mrs. Fakheri at 443-415-9400

-Looking for a ride for pay for PM for 1 nursery age boy, Taney/Highgate area. Please contact

-Looking for a ride for pay for PM for 1 pre-1a boy, Bancroft between Gist and Reisterstown, Contact 443-248-7675 or 410-764-5656

-Looking for a PM ride for pay for 2 boys, early PM dismissal, contact 443-660-6712 or

-Looking for a driver to take 2 boys to and from school, early PM dismissal, Labyrinth/Westbrook/Fallstaff area. Contact

-Looking for someone to drive home my 3 year old son for pay. I can pick up from your house or you can drop at my house after 4:10. I also have a spot home from BY if you would want to swap. Text or call 6462630093

-Looking for an AM ride for 1 Kindergarten age boy, Pickwick area. Contact or 410-924-0918

-Looking to pay someone to drive my 3rd grade son home next year. Park Heights/Pinkney area. 718-450-1385

-Looking to pay someone to drive my 4th grader to school next year (just mornings) – Pickwick housing area. Call or text 4438542173.

-Looking for a ride for pay, early PM dismissal, for one 3rd grade boy. Seven Mile/Park Heights area. Please contact 3143467414 or

-Seeking ride for pay for one 2nd grader.  Westbrook Rd.  Email or call/text 410-409-6285

-Looking to pay someone to drive one pre-1A boy home next year. Indian Village area. Contact 917-553-9047.

-In search of ride for pay for a 3rd grader, round trip or PM only to the 7 Mile Lane area. Text/call 703-772-9356 or

-Looking for a ride home for pay for 2018-2019 for 2 boys: Pre1a and 2nd grader. Menlo and Park Heights. Please call or text 443-660-6712.

-Seeking ride home for preschooler for pay – Greenspring/Shelleydale area. Please text/call 410-935-6287.

-Seeking ride home for 5th grader for 2018/19 for pay.  Please call 410-970-3894.


Join/Form a Carpool: Sunday & Mishmar

-2 spots available in Sunday/Mishmar carpool in Greenspring area.  Please email or call 301-706-7561.


ALL 2018-2019 requests:

  • Looking to join a 6th grade AM carpool for 1 boy, Cheswolde are, 443-564-1590
  • Looking for a daily AM/PM carpool and a Sunday/mishmar carpool for a 7th grader. Greenspring area. Please contact 443-562-6989 or
  • Looking for a MS carpool in the Pickwick area for one 8th grader. Please email or call 443-929-0805
  • Looking for a MS carpool in the Park Heights area for 1 boy. Please email or call 410-764-2377
  • Looking for more boys to join existing 8th grade Taney/Cross Country carpool.  Please call 443-805-7739
  • Seeking ride home for 7th grader for 2018/19 for pay.   Please call 410-970-3894


ALL 2018-2019 requests:

-Three boys looking to join HS carpool – Taney/Strathmore Area, please call: 443-805-7739.


Join/Form a Carpool

  • Looking to pay someone to take my son to and from TA camp second half. 718-450-1385
  • Looking to join a CIT carpool, I have 2 boys, Taney area. Please call 443-805-7739

Rides for Pay Available